• Bareburger


    Yesterday I wrote about seeing Anastasia on Broadway and today I have not one, but two posts also from the day. First up is this short review of my lunch at Bareburger. My friend suggested we eat there because she had once before and really liked it. So we found a location near the theater and headed there for lunch before the show. Everything at Bareburger is organic and all-natural, which is so great. I love that it’s an eco-conscious restaurant! I ordered a side salad, the Kail Caesar and the American Burger. Both were delicious, but the salad really was one of the best salads I’ve ever had! This beautiful and scrumptious salad had…

  • mooyah-cheeseburger


    Mooyah, a burger chain, opened up near where I work a few months ago. I had never even heard of Mooyah before this one opened, but I looked up locations on their website and saw that they have locations in quite a few states and a few places internationally. There are a ton of them in Texas so maybe that’s where it originated? No idea. Anyway, I had never heard of it until one opened up two minutes away from work and a few of my students told me they were working there. They had been asking me when I was going to go check it out for a while…