• Christmas Chicken Pot Pie

    Christmas Chicken Pot Pie

    I really thought I had shared a post on here before on chicken pot pie, but after a quick search on here I found out I haven’t! The reason I thought I’d shared it on here before is because my mom has been making this chicken pot pie recipe for as long as I can remember. At least 20 years. Let’s flash back to my childhood. I have family in Canada and have been to visit many times (Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa). When I was young, my aunt and cousins lived in a small town near Montreal and near where she lived was a shop that sold pies. One of the…

  • Yorkshire Pudding

    Yorkshire Pudding

    With the holidays arriving before we know it, I wanted to share a yorkshire pudding recipe ahead of time. I first had yorkshire pudding when I went to England in college. I had no idea that yorkshire pudding was actually kind of like a pastry side dish and not an actual pudding. Anyway, I liked it so much that when I got home I told my mom about it and we’ve been making it ever since. I use a recipe from cooks.com. You’ll need flour, salt, eggs, milk, and oil. The recipe is really easy, but time consuming because the batter needs to chill in the refrigerator for 2 hours…

  • Cinnamon Roll & Sprinkles

    Christmas Sweets & Treats

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with loved ones yesterday. It all comes and goes way too fast, but I’ve still got some photos to share with Christmas decor in the background so I’m holding on to the holiday for a little while longer. Plus, I’m headed to D.C. today for a few days and I’m sure my photos there will have Christmas decorations involved. Side note – as with all my trips I’ll be keeping a travel diary on here so starting tomorrow I’ll be documenting my trip until I return this weekend! I’m going to share what I wore for Christmas in a few days, but…