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    Revealed: How To Prepare Your Kitchen For A Remodel

    If you’re fed up with how your kitchen looks, it’s likely you’ve thought a lot about getting it remodeled. You might think that getting a new kitchen fitted only involves selecting what you want inside of it and paying someone to put it all together. But, as it’s such an involved project, you need to make sure that there are no stumbling blocks before you even begin! With the above in mind, it makes perfect sense to prepare your kitchen for its remodel. How should you best do that? Take a look at these handy hints and tips to get you started. Photo Source   Remove all your old appliances…

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    As many of you know, I recently moved to a condo. And if you’ve been following me for over a year then you might be thinking, you moved again? Yes, I did. I bought and moved in to a townhouse with my brother in June 2018 and then this past summer he bought my share of the townhouse and I bought a condo. I moved back in with my parents while renovations were going on at my condo and just recently moved in. My condo actually was in pretty good shape (aside from a hot water heater leak which I discovered the evening before closing – just in time!) and…