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    Organize Your Morning, Organize Your Life

    Pexels – CC0 License While our entire day is important to get right and manage well, the morning truly has potential quite unlike any other time over any 24 hour period. Why is this? Well, not only is that when the majority of us wake up and begin our daily schedules, but most of the world around us does, as well. There’s nothing quite like waking up on a summer morning and gazing out over the clouds as we enjoy our morning coffee and breathe in some fresh air. Yet the morning is an amazing place in which to start our day with care and attention, and appropriately using it…

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    Photo Challenge: Morning

    I have just a couple weeks left of my summer break before I head back to work. Sure, I’ve been off since mid-June, but I’m not ready to go back! I think unless you yourself are a teacher or you are close with one you don’t really understand just how burnt out we get from the school year. As my summer begins to draw to a close, I’m reminded of this morning photo I took on my last morning of my vacation. As my cruise ship slowly cruised into Vancouver, Canada from Alaska, you could begin to see a city (presumably Vancouver, but it could be a neighboring city) in…