• Front Pocket Chambray Romper

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    Front Pocket Chambray Romper

    Chambray is not going anywhere anytime soon and I love it. What drew me to this chambray romper is the cut. I love the crossover detailing on the top and the front pockets. I tied the attached belt to the front but I think you can do front or back. I think the style is so figure flattering and looks good on a lot of different body types. The only negative to this romper is that the back zipper keeps getting stuck. Like, not caught on fabric or anything – it just gets stuck and I have to really work at it to zip. So I may have to replace…

  • Pearl Barrettes

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    Pearl Barrettes

    I’m talking about another trend today – pearl barrettes. When I first saw the hair accessory making it’s rounds around social media my initial thought was “that’s so cute!” which was followed by “But would it make me look like a small child?” But the more I saw all different people wearing the barrettes, I wanted to try it for myself. Since I didn’t want to spend a lot on a hair accessory trend that I may or may not like on myself, I found an assorted pack on Amazon for $11. I tried out the look over the weekend. First, I curled my hair to give it some loose…