• Rainbow-Skull-Tee
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    Rainbow Skull Tee

    Happy Halloween! Are you expecting any trick-or-treaters this year? I think there will be a lot less trick-or-treaters with COVID, but I guess we’ll see. Since Halloween is looking different this year, I thought I’d also do something different for a Halloween look this year. I didn’t wear a costume to work yesterday and I’m not dressing up today, but I saw this rainbow skull tee on Etsy and thought it was so cute. A little Halloween-esque without the typical Halloween colors. Tee: Etsy (here) | Leggings: Express | Jacket: Amazon (here)| Shoes: Steve Madden via DSW The tee also comes in grey, but I went with the mint green.…

  • Rainbow Stripe Cardigan
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    Rainbow Stripe Cardigan

    T-Minus 4 days until spring break! I am so excited for a week long break as I am in desperate need of a break. If you’re a teacher and haven’t started spring break yet either, I’m sure you feel the same way! So for today’s blog post I’m sharing my first look from my most recent photoshoot with Lauren. As it’s finally feeling more like spring out, the trees are budding and blooming, and Easter is this weekend – hello pastels! – I’m sharing this rainbow stripe long cardigan. I saw variations of this sweater all last year and loved the look. I finally got one of my own this…

  • Rainbow Varsity Stripe Top
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    Rainbow Varsity Stripe

    Typically when I think of varsity stripes, I think of two horizontal stripes on the sleeve. This lightweight grey top has taken a twist on the classic varsity stripe and made them run down the length of the sleeves and also horizontal. And, these stripes are rainbow, which is so fun! These varsity stripes are raised fabric and not printed, which I love. Top: Express | Leggings: Express | Shoes: Red Dress Boutique | Sunglasses: Quay Australia I paired the top with black leggings and black knit slip on sneakers. I’ve been getting so much more use out of these shoes than I could have imagined! I mean, I knew…

  • Rainbow Stripe Sweater
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    Rainbow Stripe Sweater

    I’ve seen a few similar sweaters to this one in the past few months, but in my (biased) opinion, this one is the best! So like i said, I’d seen a few like this one and then I saw this on sale at Nordstrom and the quality of this one looked top notch, as expected with Nordstrom. I love how bright the rainbow colors are against the white knit. And I think it’s so fun that it runs from the end of one sleeve, up and across the chest, and down the other sleeve! I wore this with jeans and faux suede pointy toe loafers. I took these photos last…

  • Bright Stripe Wrap Dress
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    Bright Stripe Wrap Dress

    Continuing on with my summer looks, I’m sharing this bright striped ruffle wrap dress today. Well, it looks like a wrap dress but it’s all stitched and doesn’t require any tying or buttons so I guess it’s more a “wrap style” dress. I love the ruffle detailing and the rainbow bright stripes are so fun and just scream summer. Since the dress is pretty low cut I wore a lace bandeau underneath. Dress: ASOS | Bandeau: Aerie | Flip Flops: Old Navy This dress makes me want to go on a tropical vacation. Like, now. It also reminds me of popsicles – in the best way possible. Now I’m off…

  • Photography

    Photo Challenge: ROY G. BIV

    Happy Friday! For this week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post, “ROY G. BIV”, I could’ve used my amazing rainbow photo I took in Hawaii last summer, but I think I’ve used it on the blog at least twice before for different reasons so I didn’t want to use it again. Instead, I decided to take photos of each color: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. I think it’s safe to say that indigo proved to be the hardest to find. I started out with flowers growing around my house and then decided to keep with the (sort of) theme and use fruits and vegetables. Oh, and the…