• Father Divine's Bikes


    Book Review: Father Divine’s Bikes

    Okay, I know I often say that my book reviews are a long time coming because my “to be read” list is ever-growing – much faster than I’m able to keep up with! Well, this one is for real a very long time overdue. I actually legitimately completely forgot about it! I keep a list of books to be read and it wasn’t on my list and to top it off I accidentally put it with books I had already read. I only realized this when I was packing up boxes from my townhouse for my move! Then, I was like “wait, I never read this”. What’s even stranger is I…

  • Books

    Book Review: Countdown America

    Do you like spy dramas? I do! I love spy movies, tv shows, and books. When I was younger (and let’s face it, still to this day) I thought it would be so cool to be a spy. Go on adventures, be stealthy, fight bad guys, use super cool gadgets. With that being said, I couldn’t pass up reading Countdown America when it was offered to be sent to me. In the novel, Isabella is a former CIA field agent turned Chief Supervisor. Her late husband was also a CIA agent and now her 6 year old twins and her mom are her world. Things are going great; Isabella just got promoted…

  • Apocalypse Five


    Book Review: Apocalypse Five

    It seems like every book review I post lately starts with saying it’s long overdue, but it’s true! I’m so grateful I get sent so many books for my consideration, especially because I love reading and I hope to be a writer myself one day, but I get so backed up with books that I constantly have a pile to get through. So with that being said, this book review has been a long time coming haha. Apocalypse Five is the first book in a new series Archive of the Fives, a dystopian novel of sorts. It reminds me a little of The Hunger Games and a little of Ender’s Game. Here is the…

  • Ever Alice


    New Book: Ever Alice & Author Q&A

    Ever Alice is a new book that was just released on August 1st. I was lucky enough to be sent a copy to read and while I haven’t gotten to read it yet I do have a synopsis and q&a with the author for you! Ever Alice, by H.J. Ramsay, “follows 15-year-old Alice’s life in an insane asylum, as she desperately tries to prove that the adventures she experienced in Wonderland were real. When she finally begins to accept her diagnosis as “mad,” the White Rabbit brings her back down the Rabbit Hole to have her kill the Queen of Hearts, who is beheading anyone she deems suspect as a traitor, including…

  • Dorothy & the Glass Key


    Dorothy and the Glass Key – Author Q&A

    New book alert! Dorothy and the Glass Key. Well, new to me at least. It’s been out for a few months now but I was recently sent the book. As I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, this isn’t a book review, but I’m going to give you a synopsis of the surrealist fantasy novel and a Q&A with author Christopher J. Finn. Dorothy and the Glass Key follows 14-year-old Dorothy Olston. Dorothy had to grow up fast when her father’s alcohol-induced carelessness resulted in a house fire that claimed her mother’s life. Shortly after, Dorothy finds a new life on her uncle’s farm in Florida…but that doesn’t last for long. Flash…

  • Hope and Other Superpowers


    Book Review: Hope and Other Superpowers

    In general I’m not a big fan of self-help type books. Memoirs, true stories, etc. I’m good with, but I don’t generally lean towards books that are meant to help me be the best version of myself or whatever. It’s not that I don’t believe in them, it’s just that with the time I do have to read I’d rather be entertained than work on self-reflection. But, when I was asked if I wanted to read John Pavlovitz’s book Hope and Other Superpowers: A Life-Affirming, Love-Defending, Butt-Kicking, World-Saving Manifesto I was intrigued. John Pavlovitz is a writer, blogger, activist, and pastor. I’m not particularly religious so I was also wary that…

  • The Matrimonial Advertisement


    Book Review: The Matrimonial Advertisement

    I have read a handful of books lately that I have enjoyed, but The Matrimonial Advertisement is the first one I’ve read in a while that I kept putting off finishing. Not because I didn’t want to read it, but because I didn’t want it to end! I sort of a have a problem with letting characters go. The Matrimonial Advertisement by Mimi Matthews has two main characters and goes back and forth to tell the story from their point of view – all the while moving forward with the story, never retelling the story. Helena Reynolds is the daughter of the late Earl of Castleton. Upon her brother’s death or disappearance…

  • Wildchilds


    Book Review: Wildchilds

    This book review is long overdue. I was sent this book months ago, but it got kind of lost amidst the sea of books I have to read. But when I finally started it I was hooked and tried to fit in time to read whenever I could. Wildchilds by Eugenia Melian follows Iris, a former model, as she copes with the death of her ex-boyfriend and father of her teenage daughter and all the memories his death brings. She is left his estate which includes his collection of work – Gus, her ex, was a famed photographer – but she must travel back to Paris to find and recover it all.…

  • Mischief & Mayhem


    Mischief & Mayhem – Author Q & A

    New book alert! Mischief & Mayhem by S.D. Nicholson is a new fantasy novel that just came out at the end of May. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet (super behind on my reading list) but Smith Publicity was kind enough to send me a copy. Let me tell you what the book is about, according to the synopsis, and then we’ll get to the author Q&A! The Faerlands Chronicles is a dark fantasy for adults that will sweep them away to a more magical land. Mischief and Mayhem follows protagonist Ophelia Maplewood on a twisted journey through the realm of the Faers. After lying dormant for centuries, a dark presence awakens. While malicious…

  • Innocent as Sin


    Book Review: Innocent as Sin

    Last summer I wrote about The Innocents, the first book in a series in the Old West that follows Abigail McKay, a female Pinkerton agent, and nephew/uncle duo Nat and Jake who are infamous robbers. I loved the book so much that immediately after finishing it, I asked if I could be sent the second book. Yes, that was months ago but I just got around to finishing it as I had a growing list of books I needed to finish and life got really busy. To catch you up, Abi is a Pinkerton agent and technically she should be trying to capture Nat and Jake. But, upon meeting them in The Innocents…