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    Feeling Tropical at Home

    Did you have any tropical vacation plans for this summer that can canceled? I did not. I was supposed to go to Ireland, which is not exactly tropical, but really I just wish I could go anywhere at this point! Anyway, since I’m pretty much just sticking to my area, I thought it would be fun to do a tiny little tropical themed thing at my parents’ house. Now, it’s not a full-on theme. I didn’t make decorations or break out the tiki torches or anything, but I did make virgin pina coladas (a throwback to my childhood when we would make these all the time), wear a neon green…

  • Plumeria Leaf


    #fbf Fallen Leaf

    Happy Friday! This week hasn’t been too bad, but I’m definitely ready for the weekend. I’m all about the fall foliage – I’m actually kind of sad that most of the leaves have fallen from the trees here. It’s such a short window of time that the leaves are pretty fall colors on the branches before they’re all gone! Anyway, as I was saying I’m all about the fall foliage and falling leaves, but for today’s flashback Friday #fbf I thought I’d share a tropical leaf. I took this photo last October on my parents deck. A leaf from their plumeria plant fell and landed right in between the two…