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    Make Your Home Bloom

      Make Your Home Bloom by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring spring home decor I recently wrote a post all about home floral arrangement inspiration via Pinterest so it seems like a good time to share this set I created on Polyvore for “Make Your Home Bloom”. I chose a very monochromatic home set with black, white, and greys, which can feel a bit cold, but I’m using the florals to add warmth and color to the room. Some small plants for the windowsill such as orchids are perfect for some color and a bit of a tropical feel. A flower arrangement of tightly packed flowers is perfect for a coffee table. I’m also…

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    Home Decor,  Sets

    Decorate with Planters

      Decorate with Planters by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring plastic planters My favorite thing about spring is all the new and fresh flowers. Fresh blooms can brighten your day with their sheer beauty and beautiful fragrance. Planters are a great way to house your plants and flowers, especially the larger variety, and they’re also decorative pieces. In the above set from Polyvore, I’ve rounded up some planters that I think would make great decor pieces depending on the look you’re going for. My favorite are the blue & white ones because lately I’ve been on a total blue & white kick. I may or may not have spent some time online recently…