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February Favorites

February Favorites
I can’t decide whether this month has gone by fast or not. At times, it feels like it flew by and at times it feels like things like the Super Bowl which was at the very start of the month was so long ago. Anyway, I have just a couple things that were my favorites this month. Let’s take a look!
  • Outlander – OMG I love this show. I had only seen parts of it back when the season was on last year and in the back of my mind I always said I’d watch the whole thing at some point. During my recent snow days I decided to watch it On Demand since the new episodes start this April. I absolutely cannot get enough of the show. I haven’t read any of the books – I actually didn’t even know it was a book series until I looked into the show, but I need Claire and Jamie to be together foreverrrrrrrrr.
  • Josie Maran Happy Set  – I have this little set from Josie Maran. I haven’t tried the mascara yet, but I’ve really been loving the gloss and color stick in the shade “Happy” this month. The gloss is really pretty and comfortable to wear. It’s also a perfect neutral shade. The color stick leaves a nice glow on the cheeks.
  • Avocados – I’ve really been loving avocados this month. No idea why. But I’ve been eating them a lot with my dinner with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Yummy!
  • The Bachelor….Blog Posts – Okay, this one is a bit strange. I don’t actually watch The Bachelor. I’ve seen a few episodes here and there of the show years and years ago early on when the show started, but have never been a regular watcher by any means and I haven’t seen this season at all. But, one day I was killing time on and clicked on Chris Soule’s (the current Bachelor) blog post. He writes after each show to give some insight to what happened and what he was thinking at the time etc. While, I still don’t plan on watching the show I have to admit that I’m a little bit hooked on reading his blog!
  • Favorite song this month? Again, there’s been so many songs I’ve been hooked on this month and rotated through, but I’d have to say the song that I’ve kept coming back to is Cash Cash’s “Surrender”. Not only is it catchy, but I love the lyrics and find them to be really relatable to my life in general.

So there you have my February Favorites! What did you love this month?

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