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Blo Blow Dry Bar – Franklin Lakes

Sadly, it’s Sunday already – seriously weekends go by way too fast. But, on a happier note, today I’m sharing my experience at the new Blo Blow Dry Bar location in Franklin Lakes, NJ. Blo is a blow dry bar chain with a few locations in New Jersey and the one in Franklin Lakes just opened this week. They were so kind as to invite me to their grand opening celebration a few days ago, but since it is 45 minutes away from me (without traffic), I knew it would be cutting it close to go after work during the week. But, I really wanted to go and get a blow out – who doesn’t love being pampered? So, when I replied to the Franklin Lakes team that I would not be able to attend the celebration I asked whether I could come in on the weekend to check the place out and still receive my complimentary blow out, because I really did want to go. They said absolutely! I was so excited and it just goes to show that it never hurts to ask!

I made my way up to Blo yesterday and the space is so cute. Bright, clean, and modern. I checked in at the desk and the receptionist took my coat, showed me to my chair, brought me water, and gave me the menu to look at. There are 7 signature blow outs to choose from and other options as well for different prices. For example, you can add a braid to your blow out for an additional fee (I think $10). I flipped through the book and was deciding between two different styles when my stylist, Kennedy, came to introduce herself and we discussed my hair and what style I should do. I opted for the “Pillow Talk” which is a voluminous beach wave, bed head look. She took me to the sinks to wash my hair which was so relaxing. Then, she twisted my hair up in a towel and brought me back to her station where she proceeded to clip my hair up in sections and blow dry my hair. I’ve never had my hair blown dry for so long, but I guess that’s what a blow out is isn’t it? It’s amazing how much a blow dryer can do! After all the blow drying, she did go in with two curling irons. She asked me if I wanted to try doing hybrid curls – something she made up where she alternates a larger barrel iron and a smaller iron. Always up to try something with my hair I said yes – plus she’s the expert!

As she did my hair, we chatted about hair, lashes, my blogging and teaching, her career, etc. She was so nice and super talented! Also, while I was getting my hair done the owner, Kari, came by to introduce herself and check in on me a few times and bring me Prosecco. Fancy! One of the PR team members also came to introduce herself. I had actually been in contact with her colleague who had emailed me the day before to say her colleague would be on site and that even though she wouldn’t be there that day I could text her if I was running late or had any questions. So personable! Anyway, I loved that they knew who I was and came to me already knowing my name. It made me feel special and I think that’s so important because it shows that they really do want their customers to feel welcome. Granted, they knew who I was because they invited me, but I do not take it for granted because I have been to events where you feel kind of lost in the shuffle.

Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin LakesBlo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 9Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 10Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 4Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Hair MenuBlo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 2Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 1Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 3

Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 5Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 6Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 7

When my hair was all done, I checked out the bathroom because my stylist told me it was worth taking a look at the pink neon sign inside. Outside the bathroom there was also a curtained off area with a ring light for selfies!

Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Pillow TalkBlo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Pillow Talk 1Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes 8Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Pillow Talk 2

As if the whole experience wasn’t great enough, they even gave me a swag bag to take home! It came with a pen, highlighter, note pad, tumbler, selfie ring light for my phone, and a t-shirt!

Blo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Goodie BagBlo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - SwagBlo Blow Dry Bar - Franklin Lakes - Selfie Ring Light

I took a few photos a few hours after I got my hair done to show you guys how great it looked later on. I even used my ring light for one of the photos!

Pillow Talk - Blow OutPillow Talk - Blow Out 1

My whole experience there was so awesome. The people were so nice and I was thrilled with how my hair turned out. And I mean, they even took photos of the back of my head for me and made sure a hair wasn’t out of place for the photos! This is like a blogger’s dream place! There is supposed to be another location opening up a bit closer to me, but I actually wouldn’t mind returning to the Franklin Lakes location just because of my experience there yesterday. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t mind traveling a bit farther or spending a bit more money for quality and the kindness shown to me there plus my gorgeous hair style has me wanting to go back! My stylist wrote down exactly what products she used in my hair so I can purchase them on my own if I like them and/or so I know for the next time I come if I would like them to use the same products. But if I forget to bring the paper with me, they have it in a file for me at the shop. See, so thoughtful and organized!

I will definitely go back to the Franklin Lakes Blo Blow Dry Bar. I’m thinking I’ll go and get a blow out for a wedding I have in two months!

Thank you again to the Franklin Lakes team at Blo Blow Dry Bar for having me!

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