Upcoming Novel: The Broken Miracle

The Broken Miracle is an upcoming biographical fiction novel by fiction author J.D. Netto and internationally acclaimed pianist Paul Cardall.

Living with half a functioning heart since birth, Cardall underwent numerous surgeries before launching a thriving music career, from multiple albums and top-charting songs, to meeting the love of his life and starting a family. But all of that changed when his health began to decline, and he needed a new heart to live. While on the transplant list, Cardall’s relationships and faith are pushed to the limits, as he wonders if this is the curtain call of his life.

Through fictionalized characters and places, along with untold stories of Cardall’s teenaged and adult years that shaped him to the man he is today, The Broken Miracle is a riveting tale that will inspire readers to never give up. “This story is an invitation to keep on fighting for your life,” says Netto. “Hope can be found in the journey, even if arduous or seemingly impossible. But be sure of one thing; in the end, it’ll all make sense. The reward is the adventure lived.”

Author Q&A

Question: Before you began working on The Broken Miracle with Paul, you were a fan first. How did your paths cross?
J.D. Netto: I was in my hotel room in Seattle in 2010 when the song “Redeemer” came on. I was engrossed in its melody as soon as the string arrangements began. There was something about the song that made me quickly search the internet for the genius behind it. I stumbled upon the
name “Paul Cardall” and his remarkable story of living with half a heart.
 He became a constant presence in my playlists, his songs the soundtrack of some of my most personal moments. I downloaded every album and religiously visited iTunes hoping for new content. I was fortunate enough to meet Paul in 2010 in New York City just a few months after I discovered his music, and we became friends within the first few minutes. I still pinch myself to this day that I was given this chance of writing this biographical fiction duology inspired by his miraculous life with a direct contribution with the man himself!

Q: How did you portray Paul’s voice as an author?
J.D.: When I began writing, Paul gave me access to his personal notes and diaries, in which he shared secrets that he had been hiding for years. In his writings and by speaking with him, I learned despite Paul’s struggles with his heart, he still managed to fight for what he wanted in life: his music, his transplant, his family. We see his character facing all odds and beating many of them.

Q: Paul also relies heavily on his strong faith to get him through his struggles. How does
faith play a role in the book?
J.D.: In this novel, God is beyond the box that most people put Him in. God isn’t confined by a certain belief system, but is rather a moving force of power. God is our comfort, strength, and can be acknowledged in many ways. My idea when writing this ultimate power was to create a force relatable to all. Even those who believe in no ultimate power have faith in something.

Q: Mental health is also a major theme in the book, as shown through Paul’s brother, Jonahs. Can you speak to the decision to incorporate that theme?
J.D.: Jonahs is not only the catalyst of the story and brings balance through his faith, he struggles with his mental health. Writing him and his fate, understanding him, and spending time in his head helped me be kinder to my own self. He was a main reason I decided to seek therapy. Both Paul and I are very passionate about mental health, and we want readers to know that taking care of your mental health matters.

Q: What do you hope readers take away from reading Paul’s story in The Broken Miracle?
J.D.: This story is an invitation to keep on fighting for your life. Hope can be found in the journey, even if arduous or seemingly impossible. But be sure of one thing; in the end, it’ll all make sense. The reward is in the adventure lived.

J.D. NETTO is a fiction author known mostly for his fantasy titles that have captivated readers across the globe. His works include The Whispers of the Fallen series and Henderbell: The Shadow of Saint Nicholas. He is also the founder of the Saved by the Page movement, which spawned into an anthology with stories written by readers on how books saved their lives. His family immigrated to the United States from Brazil when he was
eleven, and he currently resides in Florida. Learn more about Netto by visiting his website, and connecting with him on Facebook and Instagram.

PAUL CARDALL is a Dove-award winning pianist, recording artist, and producer. In 1999, Cardall founded Stone Angel Music, an independent record label specializing in uplifting and calming instrumental music. His own recordings have debuted No 1 on 11 Billboard Charts, 44 other chart debuts in the top 10. His songs have been streamed more than 2.7 billion times with listeners in 160 countries. Cardall currently splits his time
between Nashville, Las Vegas, Cleveland and Salt Lake City. Learn more about Cardall on his website, and connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Learn more about The Broken Miracle Duology by visiting their website and connecting on Instagram. The Broken Miracle: Part One will be released for February, 2, 2021 and is available for pre-order on Amazon, Book Depository, and Barnes & Noble.

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