New Release: She Wore a Yellow Dress

Last week, She Wore a Yellow Dress, by John R. Cammidge was released. I received an advanced copy, but haven’t gotten to read and review it yet. I can’t wait to get into it! Below is a synopsis.

A spark is lit on Bonfire Night in Northern England in 1965, but for John and Jean-Louise the fireworks continue to explode for decades to come. An awkward Yorkshire farm boy with few prospects and a sophisticated town girl from Manchester, John and Jean-Louise blossom, grow – both together and apart – and find ways to compromise in this coming-of-age story that goes beyond the wedding where the curtain often drops. She Wore a Yellow Dress by John R. Cammidge [February 16, 2021, Gatekeeper Press] is at once nostalgic and contemporary in the themes it explores so deftly. An autobiographical streak runs throughout that lends authenticity and depth of detail.

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