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Guys. I have a problem. I’m more than halfway through the 2nd book in the Throne of Glass series and i had to take a break from reading last night because my anxiety was going through the roof. I get so attached to characters and invested in stories that they almost become real to me and I can’t bear what they’re going through. I’ve got issues, I know haha. Anyway, I just had to get that off my chest before I get to today’s post.

I first heard of Function of Beauty probably 2 years ago. The idea really appealed to me – totally customizable shampoo and conditioner. I knew I wanted to try it but I kept forgetting about it or whenever I did remember I already had enough hair products to last me a while. I finally ordered mine last month and have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 2 weeks now. (Side note: I just realized how many times I’ve used the number “2” in this post.)

So far I am absolutely loving the shampoo and conditioner. When you go to their website you can take a hair quiz and they will give you suggestions for products. But in general you can go and customize your products by your wants, needs, and the condition of your hair (or skin if you want to do skin products) currently. For example, I said that I have straight and fine hair. I wanted color protection, thermal protection, to volumize, and to soothe my scalp. Then, you can choose the color of your shampoo and conditioner. I chose green for the shampoo and purple for the conditioner. You can also choose the scent and the strength of the scent. I went with lavender at a medium scent level. I would go stronger next time because I feel like the scent is pretty faint and I wouldn’t mind it being stronger.

My hair has felt really healthy, less fine, and my scalp hasn’t itched at all! It’s also been a a breeze to comb through my hair after washing – no tangles, knots, or anything. I love the bottles and how they say my name on them too.

I saw that they have body wash and body lotion so I think I’ll try those out next time.

Have you tried Function of Beauty?

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