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Book Review: Nujran and the Monks of Meirar

Around the holidays last year I ran a giveaway with Smith Publicity for Krishna Sudhir’s books Nujran and the Monks of Meirar and Nujran and the Corpse in the Quadrangle. I wanted to take a break from all the romance and fantasy books I’ve been reading lately and the first book in this Nujran series was a nice palate cleanser. I had wanted to read both books before I wrote this post, but life got in the way so I just finished the first book last night.

The book is perfect for middle school age kids. Nujran is the prince of the kingdom of Typgar. When his life is in jeopardy from a political rival of his father, Nujran goes away with his teacher, Amsibh. While they’re away, Nujran learns about different people, he is trained in combat, and he works with friends like the monks of Meirar to try to track down Hoanan, his kingdom’s enemy, and find out who inside the palace is helping the enemy.

While Nujran is excited for the adventure, he worries for the safety of his parents and his best friend (who he has feelings for), Zaarica.

There are some twists in the book, especially towards the end. I had a feeling about one of the twists, but I was hoping it woudn’t be true.

I’ll be reading the sequel next so stay tuned for that future post!

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