Top Signs You Need A Plumber

A plumber is a godsend when it comes to problems in the home with your water. 

With this in mind, what are the warning signs that a plumber visit might be required? Here are the top signs that you need a plumber.

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It can’t be fixed with simple DIY knowledge

When it comes to fixes around the home, there are some problems that can be resolved with a bit of DIY knowledge. While not everyone has the DIY expertise that some may have, there are a few general plumbing problems that can be fixed with a few trial-and-error approaches.

For example, a blocked toilet can be easily unblocked, whether that’s using a toilet plunger or a mix of washing up liquid and hot water. The point at which a plumber might be needed is when that blockage just isn’t shifting. 

If the plumbing issue in question can’t be fixed with a simple bit of DIY knowledge, then it’s worth getting in the professionals to help.

You don’t know where the problem is coming from

Where is the issue coming from? Can you spot a visible point at which the leak or issue is located?

Often enough, when a water problem is spotted, it’s not always the main source of the issue. Chances are it might be somewhere else that’s become compromised and that’s not visible to the eye. For example, a sink in the bathroom that’s taking a long time to drain might be a problem with a pipe further down, rather than just the initial drainage pipe.

If you don’t know where the plumbing issue is coming from, then it’s time to get the plumber over.

Water pressure seems to be a problem

Water pressure can often be a problem not just because it’s a sign that something is wrong with the plumbing but because it makes showering and doing daily tasks around the home, a hassle.

If the water pressure seems to have dropped significantly or even slightly, then it may be handy to get a plumber in to check the pipes and perhaps to get the heating checked by an engineer.

A pipe has burst

A pipe in the home that has burst is never a good outcome and it can often be a costly one to fix or replace. It’s good to be mindful of pipes that are exposed to outdoor elements as these are the ones that are most likely to explode in harsh weather conditions.

If a pipe has burst, it’s better to get a plumber in, rather than trying to approach the work yourself. This isn’t an easy fix and more harm can be done when trying to rectify it or do a quick fix.

There’s no water

Not getting any water whatsoever? That’s certainly not a fun experience and as a result, it may mean that there’s something going on in the heating system and water suppliers that provide your home with water.

Whether it’s a leaking tap or a burst pipe, having a plumber on speed dial is going to help keep the home in order so that if things do go wrong, they can be addressed immediately.

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