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    Friends 25th Anniversary

    If you read my post yesterdayΒ about hoping there would be no surprises, setbacks, or other stress related things for my final day before the closing on my condo then I’m here to tell you that yesterday was so filled with stress and anxiety that two new pimples have popped up on my chin. Seriously, I was filled with anxiety all day yesterday and to the point of near tears last night because I’m just so tired. At the time of writing this I have no idea what exactly will happen today and if the closing will go according to plan, but I’ll update you in tomorrow’s post. In much happier…

  • Alex & Ani Compass Necklace
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    Alex & Ani Compass Necklace

    I love when pieces of jewelry carry some significance. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to pass up a piece that’s pretty, but I love when things have some meaning. Not just meaningful in that it reminds me of something or was given to me by someone, but also when it’s crafted with something symbolic in mind. That’s why I’m so happy I picked up the Alex & Ani Compass Necklace. Alex & Ani are mostly known for their bracelets and although I have a few of their bracelets myself and I do love them I wanted to try out one of their other jewelry offerings. When…