• Apple Pie - Cutouts & Braided Lattice


    Apple Pie + Cutouts & Braided Lattice

    Happy Thursday! I hope your week’s been going well. I’ve been really busy, but I’m glad it’s already Thursday. I have a quick post for you today. Continuing with my pie theme from my last food post (see my Coconut Cream Pie post), I’m sharing an apple pie today. I’ve shared an apple pie covered in leaf cutouts on here before and one with a lattice top which is why this post will be short and sweet since I’m not going to cover the whole process of making an apple pie. Just click (here) for one of my previous posts on apple pie. The apple pie I’m sharing today has…

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    Apple Pie + Leaf Cutouts

    Is there anything more Thanksgiving than apple pie? Well, besides turkey obviously. And maybe pumpkin and sweet potato pie, but apple is more up my alley, plus apple is pretty much an American staple. I’ve been making apple pie for years now. Last year I started making the lattice tops instead of simply covering the entire top with the top crust. This year, I really wanted to make the leaf cutouts to cover the top of the pie. So on my last trip to the mall I stopped in Williams-Sonoma and bought a fall set of pie cutters. I made my apple pie as usual using store bought dough, slicing…

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    Lattice Apple Pie

    Apple pie is one of my favorite pies. It’s seen more as a fall dessert, but who says you can only make it in the fall? You can buy apples all year long, so why not make an apple pie in the spring and summer? I’ve eaten apple pies throughout my life, whether it be homemade or the store bought, frozen kind. It was just this year that I decided I wanted to make a lattice apple pie though like those pretty ones you always see pictures of. Here’s what I did! Slice some apples and toss them with cinnamon, flour, and lemon juice. The lemon juice is to keep…