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    Barbie Forever

    Did you play with Barbies when you were young? I wasn’t huge in to Barbies – but I wasn’t really in to toys or dolls in general so it’s nothing against Barbie. Nonetheless, I did own a few Barbies and was gifted a Barbie Dream House for my birthday or Christmas one year when I was probably in kindergarten. I remember playing with a family friend’s Barbie house and she had an elevator in hers (not battery operated, but a pulley system) and I thought it was amazing! Mine did not have an elevator (so sad) but it was still really nice. So even though I didn’t play a whole…

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    The Best Parody Instagram

    Sunday already, why?! Did any of you catch any of the performances at the Global Citizens Festival? I saw/heard most of it because I had it playing in the background all day. I wish I was there! Onto today’s post. I think it’s safe to say that most of us know that parody Instagram accounts exist, but since there are probably a lot there’s bound to be ones we don’t know of until someone points it out to us. A few weeks ago I found out about Socality BarbieΒ from an article People Magazine had online. It’s a parody account started by a Portland based wedding photographer that features a “hipster”…