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Sunday already, why?! Did any of you catch any of the performances at the Global Citizens Festival? I saw/heard most of it because I had it playing in the background all day. I wish I was there!

Onto today’s post. I think it’s safe to say that most of us know that parody Instagram accounts exist, but since there are probably a lot there’s bound to be ones we don’t know of until someone points it out to us. A few weeks ago I found out about Socality Barbie from an article People Magazine had online. It’s a parody account started by a Portland based wedding photographer that features a “hipster” Barbie and it is the best ever! Seriously guys, you need to check out this account if you haven’t. I find every single post hilarious because we all know (or maybe we are these people ourselves!) that post these kinds of pictures. The “I woke up like this” pictures or the artsy beach pictures. The artisanal coffees or creative pictures with filters. Not only are the pictures amazing, but the captions are just as good! I honestly love every single picture on this Instagram account, but I’ve picked out a couple that I especially love to share with you all today. Be sure to read the captions too!







Trust me, you will not regret checking this account out. It is hands down the best parody account I’ve ever come across. So creative and funny, especially since these are exactly the kinds of pictures I see all the time and love on Instagram. Seeing them through hipster, Socality Barbie, puts it all into a hilarious perspective!

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