Decorate with Succulents

Decorate with Succulents


So I’m going to be honest with you. I hadn’t heard the term “succulents” until this year. I’ve seen and owned plants that fall under the succulents category over the years, but I feel like this year I see the term everywhere! Everyone seems to be talking about them all of a sudden! Anybody else feel like there’s been a huge boom in how often you hear people talk about succulents? In case you’re unsure if you know what succulents are either, they are fleshy plants that usually grow in more arid climates. Common succulents are Aloe Vera plants, Christmas Cactus, and Jade Plants.
I think succulents are a great way to decorate. There are so many kinds to choose from and you can put them in pretty planters. In the summer, you can put them outside and then bring them in before winter approaches. They also require a bit less work than your regular flowering houseplants. In fact, in the winter most succulents only need to be watered every 2 weeks!
So in my imaginary apartment with sweeping city views and floor to ceiling paned glass windows, I featured neutral furniture and an array of succulents. I love the bright green against the dark floors and window frames mixed with the light sofa and coffee table. I’m most proud of the two corner shelves I included in this set that hold those super cute succulents in white ceramic planter pots.
What do you think of succulents? 

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