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    Photo Challenge: Resilient

    Happy Friday! My first week back to work hasn’t been too bad and aside from those first day blues I’ve adjusted to being back. Well, other than being exhausted all week. Last Friday when the new weekly photo challenge was announced (“Resilient“) I was at Longwood Gardens taking in all of the holiday decorations before they were all taken down. I checked my phone and scrolled through my WordPress Reader to see what the new challenge was, hoping that it would be something that I could get a photo of at the gardens. The gardens had amazing and elaborate decorations and multiple Christmas trees amongst them. Every tree was completely…

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    Decorate with Succulents

      Decorate with Succulents by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring wall shelves So I’m going to be honest with you. I hadn’t heard the term “succulents” until this year. I’ve seen and owned plants that fall under the succulents category over the years, but I feel like this year I see the term everywhere! Everyone seems to be talking about them all of a sudden! Anybody else feel like there’s been a huge boom in how often you hear people talk about succulents? In case you’re unsure if you know what succulents are either, they are fleshy plants that usually grow in more arid climates.Β Common succulents are Aloe Vera plants, Christmas Cactus, and…