Photo Challenge: Grid

How has everyone’s week been? One more work day (for most of us) to get through today before the weekend. I went through the day yesterday feeling like it was Friday, so it almost feels like a repeat today.

This week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Grid”. Grids, lines, outlines and frames, are oftentimes things we try our best to not include in our photos. But sometimes, there’s beauty in looking at things through a grid, a doorway, a structure, etc. Well, I didn’t see any cool grids or cool structures, like the one The Daily Post posted in their example, this week. However, I did take advantage of the shadows on my deck that seemed grid-like to me.




Shadows are something that a lot of us try to cut out or work around when taking pictures, but for this photo challenge, I sought them out.

In the top picture, I showcased the shadows made by the posts from the railing. I made a conscious decision to include the plumeria in the background because I loved how bright and vibrant the green looked against the brown wood of the deck and the dark shadows.

In the bottom picture, I loved the look of the shadows on the deck from the patio chairs. I never stopped to think about the intricate design of the seat of the chair until I saw its shadow cast on the deck.

So there you have my interpretation/response to “Grid”!

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