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Photo Challenge: Solitude

Yesterday was a snow day and it was much needed. I needed that day to just relax and not have to do anything. And now we’re already at Friday!

So The Daily Post changed their photo challenge day to Wednesdays – meaning they post a new challenge every Wednesday now instead of Friday. I always post my photo response on the last day of each weekly challenge because I like doing photo challenge Fridays on here and because it gives me a week to take a picture or find a picture in my archives. Wednesdays really throw me off! I’ve decided that I’m still going to post my pictures on Friday but they’ll be from the previous week’s challenge because that’s just what will work for me.

Last week’s photo challenge was “Solitude” and I knew exactly what picture I wanted to use.

Alaska Cruise

This is a photo of me when I was in Alaska last summer. I was on the balcony of my cabin on the cruise ship as we cruised along surrounded by the sea. Being on a ship, even when there are a ton of other people on the ship, there’s a sense of solitude since you’re out on the open water and essentially in the middle of nowhere for much of the time. But there was a sense of solitude especially in my own cabin looking out on the water. I’m one of those people that does enjoy my alone time. I think everyone can benefit from some quiet time every once in a while. Whether it’s reflective time or just time to do whatever you want – solitude can be really nice.

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