Photo Challenge: Magic

I hope all of you who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a great time celebrating the holiday! I enjoyed the holiday and can’t wait to eat some leftovers today for lunch. Today’s also a big day because it is Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life day! I was way too tired last night to try to begin watching but I saw people on Twitter last night before bed complaining because they thought it would be released at midnight eastern time, but it was pacific so they would have to wait til 3 am to watch! I have so many plans the rest of this weekend though that I think it’s going to take me a few days to get through the 4 part series, but that’s ok – I can savor it! I just hope I don’t accidentally read any major spoilers, but for the record I’m still #TeamLogan all the way!

Okay, enough about that for now – I plan to write a whole recap of the revival and my thoughts on it in a few days. Today is Friday so I’m back with my photo challenge response. The Daily Post’s challenge this past week was “Magic“. I decided to use a photo from my friend’s wedding two weeks ago. If you missed it, I was in Georgia 2 weekends ago for the wedding of my oldest friend and to visit family. (I shared my wedding outfit here and a recap of all the food I ate here).


Why did I choose this photo? Because weddings are magic and so are sparklers! Weddings whether they are big or small, fancy or simple, always feel a bit magical. Maybe it’s the decorations or the love or a mix of the two, but they have (or should have) that magic feeling. At the end of the night of my friend’s wedding they did a send-off with sparklers. Side note: those sparklers were really difficult to get lit because it was a bit windy out that night! Sparklers are like little sticks of magic! I love the spark and the sizzling sound and how the light just dances before your eyes. That sparkler right in the front is mine – it was hard to take a photo with one hand and hold the sparkler in the other without accidentally burning myself or someone else, but I managed!

I hope you find a little magic in your day today!

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