Thanksgiving Table Setting Goals

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all my American readers both here and abroad have a wonderful day celebrating with family and friends.

For today’s post, I’ve decided to talk about beautiful Thanksgiving table settings or tablescapes. I have always loved seeing pictures of gorgeous table settings, especially for the holidays. The meticulous planning, color schemes, china, centerpieces, etc. is always spot on in these photos. I love all different looks and themes as well – rustic, modern, traditional, bohemian and the list goes on. What prompted this post is I received a holiday catalog from Williams-Sonoma and the front cover had a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner table and I thought to myself, “I need this in my life”. I snapped a photo of the cover with my phone and proceeded to text it to two of my best friends and my cousin telling them it was my dream table. I did a Google search for Thanksgiving tables last night and rounded up a few of the ones I loved in particular. So without further ado, here are just some of my table setting goals!


These table settings feature all different styles, which goes to show that I don’t have just one taste! I love the different pieces to each table from pumpkins and gourds to fall floral arrangements and everything in between. You can do so many different things with your table depending on your mood and the overall look you want to go for. You can have fall floral arrangements with pops of jewel tones and fall items such as acorns and pinecones. Or you can do a mix of classic and rustic. Take for example the tablescape above with fresh greens lining up the center of the table with pinecones, gold detailing in the glasses and trim of the china, and varying candle sizes. Long candles give off a more sophisticated, fancy look whereas tea lights or chunky candles can look more low key. However, put the china on wood slices and you go from classic, upscale table to a more earthy, rustic table.

These photos are giving me inspiration and also making me wish one of these tables were mine for tonight! I don’t have a favorite – I really love all of these.

Do you have a favorite?

If you’re celebrating, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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