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    Photo Challenge: Solitude

    Yesterday was a snow day and it was much needed. I needed that day to just relax and not have to do anything. And now we’re already at Friday! So The Daily Post changed their photo challenge day to Wednesdays – meaning they post a new challenge every Wednesday now instead of Friday. I always post my photo response on the last day of each weekly challenge because I like doing photo challenge Fridays on here and because it gives me a week to take a picture or find a picture in my archives. Wednesdays really throw me off! I’ve decided that I’m still going to post my pictures on Friday…

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    Photo Challenge: Morning

    I have just a couple weeks left of my summer break before I head back to work. Sure, I’ve been off since mid-June, but I’m not ready to go back! I think unless you yourself are a teacher or you are close with one you don’t really understand just how burnt out we get from the school year. As my summer begins to draw to a close, I’m reminded of this morning photo I took on my last morning of my vacation. As my cruise ship slowly cruised into Vancouver, Canada from Alaska, you could begin to see a city (presumably Vancouver, but it could be a neighboring city) in…

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    YouTube: Alaska Vacation Part 3

    My 3rd and final YouTube video of my Alaskan vacation is now live! It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten home from vacation, but still I can’t believe we’ve now come to the end of my videos already! If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can find them here and here. This last video features highlights from days 9-12 of my trip. In this video you’ll see… we arrived in Juneau I took a helicopter ride to Mendenhall Glacier – my first time on a helicopter and on a glacier! Amazing experience. we arrived in Ketchikan and went on a boat ride and had a Dungeness Crab lunch at…

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    YouTube: Alaska Vacation Part 2

    Part 2 of my Alaska Vacation is up on YouTube! If you missed Part 1, you can find it here! This one is a little bit longer as it covers the middle days of my trip (days 5-8) and even with a ton of editing and making some of the scenic shots (especially on the train ride) go twice as fast I still ended up with a video that was a little over 17 minutes long. But in my defense 17 minutes isn’t very long when you’re taking into account that this is video I shot over 4 days! The sights are so beautiful that the video will be over…

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    What I Ate in Alaska – Part 2: Cruise

    I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s post – Part 1 of what I ate in Alaska. The land portion. If you missed it, you can find it here. That post focused on all the good eats I had while on land in Alaska and today’s post is all about what I ate on the cruise ship (Princess Cruise’s Coral Princess). Now this isn’t everything I ate over the 7 days on the ship. This is because of a few reasons: a few things weren’t that good, didn’t photograph well, were repeats (I didn’t think you needed to see my shrimp cocktails 3 times), and I didn’t include anything I ate at the…

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    Sights from the Ship

    It’s hard to believe that my time in Alaska is up! As this post goes live I’ll be getting ready to disembark the cruise ship and be shuttled over to the airport in Vancouver to fly home (though as I write this I still have 1 full day at sea left). It’s going to be a long travel day, not quite as long as when I came to Alaska because it will be a direct flight. But still with the travel time and time difference I won’t be home until late tonight. Today I’m going to talk about some of the sights I’ve seen from the ship this week. First…