Narrow Alley

Photo Challenge: Narrow

When I saw that this past week’s photo challenge from The Daily Post was “Narrow“, I racked my brain to try to remember if there was any picture I’ve taken recently that could fit the challenge. My first thought was not of any photo I’ve taken recently but of a funny alley (in Somerville, NJ) not too far from where I live. Luckily enough for me, I had plans to go to dinner right in that area last weekend so I snapped a quick photo as I walked past.

Narrow Alley

So why is this alley “funny”? Behind these two buildings is a public parking lot, which I have parked in countless times. These two buildings are not built parallel to each other but actually make a sort of v-shape so from the back parking lot the alley looks like a normal alley and as you walk further and further towards the front of the buildings, the alley gets extremely narrow. Believe it or not, I have walked through and slid through these buildings countless times as well!

It’s hard to tell, but trust me the back entrance to this alley is wide – you could fit several people across. And then it starts to get narrower and you need to go single file. Then it gets so narrow to the point that you need to turn sideways to get through. Narrow photo – check!

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