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Chambray + Lace Up Wedges

The lace up wedge trend has been making its way around social media this summer. In fact, I’ve seen a ton of pictures of shoes resembling mine – they could even be the same brand, who knows! I’ve had mine since the spring, but am just now getting the chance to show them off on here. For this look I decided to wear this chambray romper, which is not new to the blog (as seen here) and these nude colored lace up wedges out to dinner.

Lace Up Wedges
Lace Up Wedges 1
Lace Up Wedges 2
Lace Up Wedges 3
Chambray + Lace Up Wedges
Chambray + Lace Up Wedges 1
Chambray + Lace Up Wedges 2
Chambray + Lace Up Wedges 3
Chambray + Lace Up Wedges 4
Romper: LOFT | Shoes: Restricted via DSW | Purse: Michael Kors

The nude color of these shoes isn’t available anymore, but click here for other colors. These lace-up wedges have a zipper in the back for easy on/off which I loved because I thought that meant I could leave the laces undisturbed, but that didn’t happen of course. Then came the task of tying the shoes back and while, yes, I know how to tie shoes there’s that pesky problem of trying to get the bows tied back the way they looked when you first got them. You know how they always look perfect the way they are presented to you and you can never quite get them to look the same again? My laces look good enough I suppose, just don’t look too closely or else you might notice how uneven the loops are!

I love the nude color because they’re so versatile. The details are darling with the laser cut design. I love that the laser cut detailing isn’t just around the toes but also around the ankle and heel. It is a really pretty design. Another positive, they are comfortable just as most wedges are. These faux leather wedges have a 3 1/2 inch wedge which is not too high that I can’t walk comfortably and still gives little ol’ me a nice boost.

Have you jumped onto the lace up wedge bandwagon?

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