Half Tucked Top
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Half Tucked

I think I’ve mentioned it on here once or twice before, but I really want to be good at the half-tucked look. I can never get it to look quite right with that effortlessly cool style. This look I’m sharing today is the closest I’ve come so far.

Half Tucked Top
Half Tucked Top 1
Half Tucked Top 2

Top: Aerie | Shorts: Marshall

Side note: I love how this tee matches the shorts perfectly!

So the reason I attempted the half tuck look with this outfit is because this loose tee is a little long for these shorts. If I don’t tuck it in, then it looks like I have no pants on. If I tuck the whole shirt in normal style, it just didn’t look right since the shorts are so thin and lightweight. Not too bad for my first successful attempt. Good enough to actually wear out of the house. The other times I’ve tried to do it it just was not working, so I’m satisfied with this attempt!

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