• Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet

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    Pisa Customizable Beaded Bracelets

    Did you ever make beaded bracelets when you were little with beads/bead kits from the craft store? I made a few – I wasn’t super in to making jewelry – and I honestly can’t remember what words I made using the lettered beads. Maybe my name? When I saw that Baublebar was making customizable beaded bracelets just like those kids made back in the 90s, but fancier, I instantly liked them. For the Pisa bracelets, you can customize the lettered beads up to 12 characters with anything you want (within reason). I spent a few days thinking about what words I wanted to do. It wasn’t just a meaningful word…

  • The Styled Collection - Beaded Bracelet Stack

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    Beaded Bracelet Stack

    By now I’m sure you know I am a fan of The Styled Collection. They have great quality jewelry for really reasonable prices. And all their pieces are really on trend and even dupes for high end brands like David Yurman cable bracelets and Cartier Love bracelets. A little while back I saw that they started selling beaded bracelets that are perfect for stacking. The Seychelle Bracelets have average size beads with a gold chainlink detail. The Santorini Bracelets are thin bracelets with small beads and have some gold detailing. A variety of colors are available and I wish I could buy them all! In the end I picked out…

  • Summer Bracelet Stack


    Summer Bracelet Stack

    Before summer officially winds down I wanted to share this elastic bracelet stack with you guys because it is the ultimate summer stack. At the beginning of the summer Baublebar came out with summer bracelets. Some came in sets, some were mix and match. I bought one set called the Breigh Bracelet Set and the multicolor heart bracelet called the Cyprus Bracelet. These bracelets aren’t just fun, but they give me major nostalgia feels. They remind me of being a kid in the 90s. Elastic, colorful bracelets galore! Basically these look like kid bracelets, but for adults. I think they’re so fun and easy to wear since they are elastic.…

  • Dainty Gold Bracelet Stack

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    Dainty Gold Link Bracelet Stack

    I don’t wear jewelry daily because it’s just not practical for me at work. And as much as I have been loving statement jewelry lately, I’ll always love dainty, simply jewelry. It’s also more practical to wear when going to work. When I was recently placing an order on ASOS, I wandered over to the accessories section and saw a set of dainty gold link bracelets for really cheap. Most stacks are more statement-y and elaborate so this set of 3 that are delicate links was something different. Top: Forever 21 | Jeans: Uniqlo | Bracelets: ASOS Each bracelet has links with varying sizes but each is super lightweight, delicate,…

  • Full Line Collection - bracelets


    Full Line Collection Haul

    Before the holidays, Full Line Collection was kind enough to let me pick out a few pieces for them to send me. I picked out a few fun pieces so I thought I’d share them with you in a haul. I haven’t worn them all yet since I just got them recently, but I did wear one of the bracelets a few days ago and loved it! First, the bracelets. I got the Jupiter Tortoise Cuff, Square Cut Bridal Crystal Stretch Bracelet in emerald green, Marcasite Looking High Heels and Purses Charm Toggle Bracelet, and the Oval Pave CZ Adjustable Bracelet. All the bracelets are so pretty and fun. The charm…

  • Wakami Bracelets


    Wakami #DreamChaser

    Wakami is a great brand that I have recently learned about and begun to collaborate with. I it an international jewelry brand that helps to make a difference in the lives of women. The jewelry is handmade by women in Guatemala. The brand helps these women earn a sustainable wage and helps them set up and run their own business selling jewelry to Wakami. What a wonderful endeavor fresh off the heels of Women’s month in March and now we’re in the month of Mother’s Day. The voices and power of women are growing stronger and stronger and Wakami is helping! Wakami asked me to take part in their #DreamChaser…

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    Simple Stacking

    I love the look of stacking bracelets. Who doesn’t love a good arm candy party now and then? However, for work it’s pretty impractical when you’re typing and moving around all day. Not to mention I think it would be pretty distracting when I’m talking to my students in front of the classroom if all they hear is jingling. So one way I’ve done some stacking for work is by simply pairing just one bracelet with my watch. I wear a watch every day to work so that’s one piece that is a must. To give you an idea, I took a picture of a super, simple, minimal stack I…

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    Birthday Arm Candy

    My birthday was two weeks ago and I was lucky enough to receive a few gifts from friends. I also treated myself to a gift. I’m not normally one to show off my gifts, but since I got a few gifts that were all bracelets and my gift to myself was a new watch, I thought it would be fun to show off my new arm candy. I love watches and when I’m working I wear one every day. If I ever forget to put one on I feel lost at work all day. Being a teacher, it’s really important that I keep track of the time and I can’t…