Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet
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Pisa Customizable Beaded Bracelets

Did you ever make beaded bracelets when you were little with beads/bead kits from the craft store? I made a few – I wasn’t super in to making jewelry – and I honestly can’t remember what words I made using the lettered beads. Maybe my name?

When I saw that Baublebar was making customizable beaded bracelets just like those kids made back in the 90s, but fancier, I instantly liked them. For the Pisa bracelets, you can customize the lettered beads up to 12 characters with anything you want (within reason). I spent a few days thinking about what words I wanted to do. It wasn’t just a meaningful word that I had to consider – it was the colors. Each letter is an assigned color and I wanted it to be pretty! My name was out because the letters in Jamie were too similar and looked blah. That’s also why I didn’t want to do any words with too many of the same letters. Ultimately, I decided to do 3 bracelets – they were having a special promotion for 3 bracelets when I ordered in November. I chose the words “Love”, “Happy”, and “Girlboss”. I wanted to do “Bossbabe” but that had too many b’s and s’s so it wasn’t very colorful.

Pisa Customized Beaded BraceletPisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 1Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 2Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 3Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 4Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 5Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 6Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 7Pisa Customized Beaded Bracelet 8

I love these bracelets! They have good weight to them, but are comfortable. They’re not flimsy in the slightest. It took a few weeks for these to come in (they tell you on the website how many weeks it will take to ship) and I got them right before Christmas. I wore them at the end of the year and I think they’re great words for 2020 to live by/live up to/strive for etc.

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