• Chenille Sweater Dress
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    Dark Teal Chenille Sweater Dress

    What is better than chenille in the fall and winter? I remember wearing chenille sweaters when I was in elementary school from like….Limited Too and places like that. Side note – did anybody else hate going inside Limited Too because it smelled weird? Anyway, chenille made a big come back in recent years and it’s back again this year. Combine my love for chenille with my love for sweater dresses and you’ve got a winner. Dress: Red Dress Boutique (here) | Tights: American Eagle (here) | Booties: Kelly & Katie via DSW In some lights this chenille dress looks teal and sometimes it looks green. I guess it’s just that…

  • OTS Chenille Dress
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    OTS Blue Chenille Dress

    Chenille is the ultimate cozy, winter material. I can’t get enough of it! While I have a few chenille sweaters of varying styles I’ve never owned a chenille dress. I’ve been seeing them crop up here and there this winter season and while I would’ve loved to find a classic, long sleeve, chenille sweater dress that I really liked (for both design and price point) this season I did find one a fun one. This blue chenille dress has an off-the-shoulder cut. You don’t have to pull it off the shoulder or order a size up to make it more slouchy. It is intentionally cut on an angle at the…

  • Green Chenille Sweater
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    Green Chenille

    There are two fabrics that people, myself included, can’t get enough of in the winter and they are velvet and chenille. I’d throw cashmere in there too but velvet and chenille are much more budget friendly. Chenille is so cozy and soft and one of those fabrics that you can’t help but touch. Last month when I was looking at Macy’s for a birthday gift for my mom I came across this chenille sweater on sale and of course had to pick it up for myself along with my mom’s gifts. The sweater is in the color “rare emerald” but it’s definitely a little more blue based than green giving…

  • Chenille Off the Shoulder
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    Chenille OTS

    It looks like we’re finally getting consistent mild weather and no more random deep freezes, which is exciting! Last weekend was cold, but I didn’t want to wear winter clothes because it’s April! So this chenille sweater was perfect because it’s nice, cozy, and warm, but off the shoulder so it’s a great transitional piece. Top & Leggings: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s I’ve been waiting for a time to wear this sweater. It’s hard to find a time when it’s still cool enough outside to wear a chenille sweater and warm enough that you can wear an off-the-shoulder top without being cold. The window is very small! So last…

  • Chenille Lace-Up Sleeves
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    Chenille Lace-Up Sleeves

    I recently wrote about my cozy mock neck chenille sweater and I’m back to share another chenille find with you. This one isn’t as warm since it has lace-up sleeves, but it’s still so soft and cozy as you’d expect with chenille. Sweater: LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s | Leggings: J.Crew | Shoes: Express The lace-up sleeves is such a fun detail and I love how they made the ribbon the same color as the sweater to blend in. The sweater has a hi-lo hem and is a pretty purple grey – a great transition color in to spring. I wore the sweater with black leggings and flats for a…

  • Mock Neck Chenille
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    Mock Neck Chenille

    Do you guys do any daily affirmations? In part of my whole new year/new me/new outlook on life I’ve been dabbling in positive affirmations but it hasn’t been a regular practice. In March alone, I’ve had 4 snow days and the boredom gives me way too much time to think and dwell on negativity, which is exactly what I’ve been trying to move away from. So if you have any daily affirmation tips or suggestions, I’d love to hear them! On one of my snow days this month, I wore this mock neck chenille sweater to keep warm. What better way to spend a cold, snowy day than in a fuzzy,…