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Dark Teal Chenille Sweater Dress

What is better than chenille in the fall and winter? I remember wearing chenille sweaters when I was in elementary school from like….Limited Too and places like that. Side note – did anybody else hate going inside Limited Too because it smelled weird? Anyway, chenille made a big come back in recent years and it’s back again this year. Combine my love for chenille with my love for sweater dresses and you’ve got a winner.

Chenille Sweater DressChenille Sweater Dress 1Chenille Sweater Dress 2Chenille Sweater Dress 3Chenille Sweater Dress 4Chenille Sweater Dress 5Chenille Sweater Dress 6Chenille Sweater Dress 7Chenille Sweater Dress 8Chenille Sweater Dress 9Chenille Sweater Dress 10Chenille Sweater Dress 11Chenille Sweater Dress 12Chenille Sweater Dress 13Chenille Sweater Dress 14Chenille Sweater Dress 15Chenille Sweater Dress 16Chenille Sweater Dress 17Chenille Sweater Dress 18Chenille Sweater Dress 19Chenille Sweater Dress 20

Dress: Red Dress Boutique (here) | Tights: American Eagle (here) | Booties: Kelly & Katie via DSW

In some lights this chenille dress looks teal and sometimes it looks green. I guess it’s just that right color so that when different lights hit it it looks different colors. I love the balloon sleeves to this sweater dress. Makes it even cozier. I paired the dress with black sweater tights and black booties to wear to work and I was comfortable all day!

Limited stock available in the dress I’m wearing, but I’m sharing some other chenille dresses below. I’ve included mine as well.

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