• Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora


    Museum of Ice Cream x Sephora

    I’ve never been to Museum of Ice Cream, but I always see photos and videos of people going when it’s in their city and it looks like so much fun. Ice cream themed exhibits and a pool of sprinkles to dive in to – who wouldn’t want to go to that?! So to tide me over until I one day get to go, I had to browse the collaboration Museum of Ice Cream did with Sephora. There are multiple items in the collection such as a charm bracelet, cheek palette, eyeshadow palette (that looks like a popsicle or ice cream bar!), brushes, etc. A few years ago, I would buy…

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    Kate Spade Clutches

    Kate Spade comes out with some really cute and fun clutches every year. New York Fashion Week wrapped up a few weeks ago and during that week I saw a bunch of pictures of Kate Spade clutches on blogs and Instagram. Below are some of the ones currently for sale!     Kate Spade Clutches by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring Kate Spade How adorable are these clutches?! I love the glittery hat to the gnome and the chocolate dipped strawberry is delectably adorable. Anna Kendrick is in a video ad for Kate Spade featuring the gnome. The video made me really want the gnome purse! Looking at these purses reminded me of…

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    Street Style: Houndstooth Blazer

    Street Style: Houndstooth Blazer by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring blue wall art A houndstooth piece is definitely on my wish list. A few weeks ago Polyvore posted one of their Street Style Challenges and it had to revolve around a houndstooth blazer. This is the one I chose. I paired it with skinny jeans, peep toe booties (also something I’d love to invest in), and an asymmetrical clutch. I actually got a similar clutch in cream a few weeks ago which I’ll have to post an outfit with soon. I decided to put this picture of London in the background, because when I think houndstooth, I think city chic. 2 things come…