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Kate Spade Clutches

Kate Spade comes out with some really cute and fun clutches every year. New York Fashion Week wrapped up a few weeks ago and during that week I saw a bunch of pictures of Kate Spade clutches on blogs and Instagram. Below are some of the ones currently for sale!


Kate Spade Clutches


How adorable are these clutches?! I love the glittery hat to the gnome and the chocolate dipped strawberry is delectably adorable. Anna Kendrick is in a video ad for Kate Spade featuring the gnome. The video made me really want the gnome purse!
Looking at these purses reminded me of a set I put together a while ago featuring an elephant shaped Kate Spade purse, which I seriously wish I owned!!
60 Second Style: Off-Shoulder Dress


I love this floral off-the-shoulder dress! I completed the look with fringe sandals which are so on trend right now even if it is fall, a floppy wool hat, and of course the elephant purse.
I love seeing what purse ideas Kate Spade comes up with. If it weren’t for the price tag on these babies I would seriously consider buying one for myself – especially the elephant. Even if I was willing to shell out the money for this one it’s already sold out since it’s from a past season. However, with the majority of these purses costing over $350 (yes, you read that right – $350!), it’s way too much for me to spend on a purse that is more gimmicky than practical.
What are your thoughts on these purses?

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