• Sofia Vergara Stretch Ankle Jeans

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    Sofia Vergara Jeans – Worth the Hype?

    We’re more than halfway through the work week! I hope your week’s have been going well. I had my laser appointment yesterday for my face. I was supposed to go 2 weeks ago for my follow up to the Q-Switch Ruby Laser treatment but I had the flu. Since I have a stubborn brown spot, I had to have another round of the treatment. More on that in a post next week! Also, I mentioned a few days ago that I was starting to write a teen fiction story on Wattpad. Well, I published my Prologue the other night and Ch. 1 is dropping this evening! Here is the link…

  • Striped Jeans

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    Striped Jeans

    It can be hard for me to find jeans that fit me just right. I’m petite, but I have long legs. I always say that if my torso wasn’t so short, I’d be so much taller! My legs are also skinny so it can be a little work to find jeans that fit my hips but don’t look baggy on my thighs. So when I find jeans that fit me well, I’m super excited. These cropped jeans fit me so well and add to that that they have the cutest darker blue stripe down the sides and they’re clearly a winner. I wore these jeans with a green cashmere sweater last…

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    Denim Shortall

    Overalls and shortalls made a big comeback this year and I was very hesitant to give them a try because I was afraid I would look like a little kid. However, on a recent trip to Kohls, I saw these light, acid wash, denim shortalls and decided to try them on. I ended up really liking the look of them on me for a casual summer outfit and so they came home with me. Shortall: Mudd via Kohls Tank Top: JCrew Factory I decided that wearing the shortalls with a tank top rather than a short-sleeve shirt helps ensure that you actually do look like an adult. I think that…

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    Denim on Denim

    Denim on Denim by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring thong sandals First off, Happy Mother’s Day! If it is Mother’s Day wherever you are in the world, I hope you are enjoying your day with the mothers in your life or getting pampered yourself if you’re a mommy! ***** Denim, chambray, denim on denim was a huge trend last year and while I believe it to still be popular you don’t quite see it as much as of late. I still love the look and think lightweight denims, especially chambray is great for spring when the days might be pretty warm and the evenings cool. ***** In the above set I have two denim on…