• iceland


    I love a good road trip. Do you? I think they can be a good time, especially if you are with a few others, but of course sometimes it gets tiring and you can’t wait to just get to your destination. That’s why road trips with fun stops along the way are the best option! I think a summer road trip around Europe sounds absolutely amazing. Imagine driving through French countrysides with the windows down or down the Amalfi coast of Italy or through various countries. Sounds so dreamy! I don’t have a European vacation planned for this summer, but one can daydream right? There are so many great road…

  • Ghostbusters Car

    Photo Challenge: Unusual

    For last week’s photo challenge, “Unusual“, I have the perfect photo. Well, the perfect subject for the “unusual” challenge but not the best photo because it was taken on the highway from the car and we all know it can be really hard to take photos in a moving vehicle. So what did I see that was so unusual on the highway? A Ghostbusters car! I couldn’t believe my eyes! The car looked straight out of the movies with the Ghostbusters’ logo and gear and I got a quick glimpse of the driver as I passed by and I could tell he was wearing the Ghostbusters’ uniform/costume. I’m assuming this…