• Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef


    Photo Challenge: Cheeky

    “Cheeky” means to be “impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way”. Whenever I think of the word cheeky it makes me think of someone British talking since we don’t use the word often (or at least I don’t hear it) here in the States. Side note: I’ve been watching the second season of The Crown and I wish I had a British accent. Anyway, I spent a little bit of time thinking of a cheeky photo to share for this photo challenge and then I remembered I took the perfect photo when I was at Eataly in the city back in September. While I was waiting for my…

  • Yankee Stadium


    That Time I Didn’t Go to the Yankees Game

    Intrigued by the title of this post? Keep reading to find out what I’m talking about! So at the end of August, my brother asked my parents and I if we wanted to go to a Yankees game because his boss had given him tickets. Never one to pass up a chance to see the Yankees I was totally in. You may have caught my Instagram stories with videos and photos of the drive from NJ to Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and walking up to the stadium from the parking lot. You might have also noticed I didn’t have any more videos or photos from the actual game after…