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    3-Part Self-Care Evening

    Since we could all use some self-care these days I thought I’d share what I did a few nights ago for an easy at-home spa night/self-care night. I only did 3 things, but they were so relaxing! After washing my face, I did one of my favorite things – used my facial steamer. This lasts for about 10 minutes. After the facial steamer was done, I put on a sheet mask. Sheet masks are so cooling and refreshing! I chose the Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb sheet mask that evening. While I sat in bed to read with my sheet mask on, I got my essential oil diffuser going. My diffuser…

  • Ecvision Facial Steamer

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    Facial Steamer

    Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week and this is going to be a bit of a busy weekend again. Can I just get a free day?! I’m hoping for a snow day at some point this winter before spring comes. Anyway, I have been intrigued by at-home facial steamers for about a year. I kept seeing people talk about them on Instagram and wanted to try one for myself, but I kept forgetting/putting off buying one. Facial steaming can help unclog pores and hydrate your skin. For Christmas, I got an Amazon gift card from a student so I decided to treat myself to a facial steamer. I searched…