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    Cafe Venezia

    I love discovering new and/or new to me places to eat. Around the holidays I went to Cafe Venezia for the first time with my family though my parents had gone a few weeks earlier for a holiday dinner with their friends. They raved about it so we went for a pre- New Year’s dinner. According to the restaurant’s Facebook page they recently celebrated their one-year anniversary so it is still sorta new-ish. Anyway, Cafe Venezia is a small, family owned Italian restaurant in Martinsville, NJ and the atmosphere, staff, and owners are so welcoming and friendly. That combined with the excellent food has made this a restaurant that will stay in…

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    Cafe Picasso

    How’s everyone’s weekend going? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I like to write food posts, usually either tried and true recipes or new ones that I tried out. But occasionally, I’ll write a food post about a restaurant and it’s always a restaurant that is new to me. Last week I went to Cafe Picasso, an italian restaurant, with some friends. The menu is pretty expansive and also offers daily specials as well. We were provided with garlic bread to start and house salads before our entrees came out. We didn’t order any appetizers, so I can’t speak to those! I ordered a pasta…

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    Restaurant Review: Basilico

    I’ve sort of, but not really, reviewed other restaurants before when I’ve been away on vacation. I say not really, because basically all I did was share a picture of what I ate and where while away with a  few other details sprinkled in there. So this is really my first actual restaurant “review”. I didn’t even plan to do it until I arrived at this restaurant, Basilico, for the first time ever and as soon as I sat down and looked at the menu I thought to myself that I had to do a review and share my experience! This italian restaurant is located in Millburn, NJ in a…