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How’s everyone’s weekend going? If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I like to write food posts, usually either tried and true recipes or new ones that I tried out. But occasionally, I’ll write a food post about a restaurant and it’s always a restaurant that is new to me.

Last week I went to Cafe Picasso, an italian restaurant, with some friends. The menu is pretty expansive and also offers daily specials as well. We were provided with garlic bread to start and house salads before our entrees came out. We didn’t order any appetizers, so I can’t speak to those!



I ordered a pasta special. Ravioli with spinach and cheese (I don’t remember what kind, sorry!), smoked salmon and calamari in a garlic white wine sauce. It was really tasty and I actually finished most of it! The only things left of the dish were some of the calamari and tomatoes, but I ate the bulk of the dish.

The service was just alright. Let me explain. The hostess was great as we had a reservation and our table was ready for us when we arrived, but since it was a nice night we wanted an outside table. We didn’t mind waiting and she was very friendly about it and even updated us every few minutes about the status of an outside table. We didn’t have to wait very long at all so that was a bonus! Our waiter was not that friendly. He wasn’t rude or anything, but didn’t really have much of a personality about him, which I think is an important thing to have when you’re in any kind of service industry. Again, he wasn’t rude or dismissive, just not very attentive. Now thinking back on it, I don’t remember him checking on us at all except at the end to ask if we wanted desserts, which unfortunately we had no room for.

Overall, the food and atmosphere was wonderful. Now if the service had been a notch better, I would’ve been much happier! But I would definitely return to try out some other dishes nonetheless.

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  • Pretty Peony

    That looks good! I know what you mean about the waiter. Customer service is very important when I eat out. I feel like if they don’t enjoy their job, why do it? If you’re (waiter) having a bad day, keep it to yourself until your shift is over and then go talk it over with your friends and family. Or, maybe get to know your customer (by being good to them) and maybe then you can also be a bit honest to them and they might show sympathy AND give you a bigger tip. πŸ™‚

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