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Unsure of Dress Code?

Happy weekend! I mentioned in a post earlier this week (the one talking about how I wished I had a pool in my backyard) that I was at a workshop for work all week. So the workshop was held at a local county college. In an email a few days before the workshop started, I received an email from the event runner and all she said in terms of dress code was to wear layers because temperatures may vary in the building. This did not help me at all. I had no idea what to wear. Here’s what was going through my mind – on one hand it’s summer time, we’re not technically at work ….. so that means casual right? Then, I thought, well I’m not at work, but it’s technically work related so….business casual?

So I decided to play it safe and wear a sleeveless, striped drawstring dress, flat sandals and a cardigan (they said to bring layers right?).



Dress: LOFT
Watch: Kate Spade
Sandals: LOFT

I figured that this dress is casual enough if everyone else was wearing jeans and casual summer wear, but also dressy enough if people were wearing more work type clothes. I felt it was safely in the middle.

People were either dressed similar to me or more casual, so the rest of the week I wore jeans and a nice top (dressy casual) so I wasn’t too dressed down. So when you’re unsure of what to wear, wear something you think is middle of the road!

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