Chenille Aztec Cardigan
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Chenille Aztec Cardigan

Well, I survived my first day back at work after my week off. I felt like I was only half-asleep all Sunday night, probably because I was afraid I would oversleep. Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired at work yesterday, but it will probably catch up to me today. That’s how it usually works with me. I won’t sleep much and won’t be tired that day, but by the next day it catches up with me. I might have to pencil in a catnap after work today before I indulge in a little Star Wars: The Force Awakens action. It comes out on dvd today and I pre-ordered it from Amazon so it should be at my house by the time I get home!

Anyway, you know I love cardigans and I love aztec print. Add in a super soft chenille material and you’ve got a winner!

Chenille Aztec Cardigan
Chenille Aztec Cardigan 1Chenille Aztec Cardigan 2
Chenille Aztec Cardigan 3
Chenille Aztec Cardigan 4

Cardigan: For Keeps Clothing Co. | Top: Old Navy

This cardigan was an Instagram find and I’m so happy I grabbed one from For Keeps Clothing Co. on sale.  I love the colors in this asymmetrical chenille aztec print cardigan. So bright, colorful, and fun! The background color of this cardigan is a very dark blue, almost black. The cardigan is so soft and cozy and because of it’s asymmetrical cut it’s easy to wrap yourself up in it.

I chose to wear this magenta plain long sleeve tee to play off the dark background color of the cardigan. It would look with a white top just as well, but I love how this cardigan looks paired with the bright top.

A little bright look on this chilly spring day!

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