London Fashion Week Street Style

I recently wrote about the street style from New York Fashion Week and I’m back today with a glimpse of last week’s London Fashion Week. I really enjoy seeing how fashion and style varies from city to city or country to country in this case as well as seeing trends that stay the same. Overall I noticed that people were able to get away with less layers and less faux fur than at NYFW which could be a style choice or London was warmer last week than the week before in New York. I also noticed a lot of monotone looks, and blacks and greys. I was drawn to some of the brighter looks just because I’m in that spring state of mind now and because they popped amongst the darker, monotone looks.

Like with NYFW photos on Getty Images I was not about to look through the hundreds of pages of photos. I went through about 14 pages and picked out a few street style looks that I really loved.


Again this is just a tiny glimpse into all the, I’m sure, fabulous street style looks from LFW. I’m really loving all these coats! Definitely something to invest in. Did you see any street style looks you really liked?

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