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    Paris Fashion Week Street Style

    We’ve reached my last fashion week street style post for the season! Last week was Paris Fashion Week and the street style did not disappoint. As with my posts from New York, London, and Milan – I picked out just a handful of street style looks I really liked. Keep in mind I only browsed through a few dozen among what I’m sure were hundreds upon hundreds of looks. I love all the fun these ladies had with different materials, layers, and their purses! There was everything from velvet coats to blue taffeta material creating a half dress/skirt look. I just adore street fashion so much! It was a good…

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    Milan Fashion Week Street Style

    Like with New York’s and London’s fashion weeks last month I’m sharing a few street style looks from Milan Fashion Week that I especially liked. There were noticeably less looks taken by photographers of the street fashion in Milan in comparison to NFW and LFW. I’ve noticed this in past years too. There just doesn’t seem to be as much coverage in Milan for fashion week for some reason. Maybe it’s not seen as a “big” one. Anyway I’ve rounded up some looks I really liked. I just adore street fashion especially during fashion week! Just Paris left to go and I look forward to those looks!

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    London Fashion Week Street Style

    I recently wrote about the street style from New York Fashion Week and I’m back today with a glimpse of last week’s London Fashion Week. I really enjoy seeing how fashion and style varies from city to city or country to country in this case as well as seeing trends that stay the same. Overall I noticed that people were able to get away with less layers and less faux fur than at NYFW which could be a style choice or London was warmer last week than the week before in New York. I also noticed a lot of monotone looks, and blacks and greys. I was drawn to some…

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    NYFW Street Style

    Happy President’s Day! New York Fashion Week just wrapped up. As much as I love to see photos from the runway shows, I also love to see the street style from guests. I’m not well-versed in high fashion and I really don’t know background information on fashion houses and designers so I’m not going to talk about the actual shows – for that I’ll direct you to my blog buddy The Luxe Lookbook who expertly discusses all the high-fashion looks from the shows. Instead, I’m going to highlight some of the street style looks I particularly liked/loved from NYFW. I must note that there may have been a ton more looks that…

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    New York Fashion Week

    Send Me to New York Fashion Week! by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring v neck tops New York Fashion Week is about to start and it is one of my all-time dreams to be a guest at the shows. Here’s a set I put together to celebrate the start of NYFW and to remind myself that it is a huge goal/dream of mine to one day attend! While I love red carpet, glamorous looks, and the haute couture of the runways (as long as they’re not tooooo out there) my favorite looks are still street style looks. That’s why most of the above looks are street styles – amazing looks that any of us can…