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Happy President’s Day! New York Fashion Week just wrapped up. As much as I love to see photos from the runway shows, I also love to see the street style from guests. I’m not well-versed in high fashion and I really don’t know background information on fashion houses and designers so I’m not going to talk about the actual shows – for that I’ll direct you to my blog buddy The Luxe Lookbook who expertly discusses all the high-fashion looks from the shows. Instead, I’m going to highlight some of the street style looks I particularly liked/loved from NYFW.

I must note that there may have been a ton more looks that I would’ve liked but there were just too many photos to go through from the week. I only got through 31 pages of photos from Getty Images out of 365 pages! Yes, 365!



There were a lot of political statements in the street fashion this week. I saw some people with signs on their jackets with the famous “Women’s rights are human rights” saying, Calu Rivero wore a tee above with the names of different ethnic groups/nationalities and then it says “people”, and a group of guests wore Prabal Gurung statement tees with sayings such as “The future is female”.

I loved all the details in the street style looks like all the textures and faux furs. I especially love the tulle skirt, patent leather looking coat, and purse with jeweled bug detail. I love that the ladies all stylishly layered up so as to not freeze in the cold weather but not cover up their whole outfit. It’s like when you’re a little kid and you’re wearing a really cool Halloween costume and your parents make you wear a coat, zipped up and a turtleneck underneath your costume as well so basically no one can see your costume while you’re trick or treating. I’m glad I could see all these looks and they weren’t completely covered!

It’s so fun to look at all the fun fashion. Maybe one day I’ll be attending one of these shows and be snapped on my way into the shows! London Fashion Week has just kicked off so I’ll be highlighting some of the street styles from those shows next week.

If you’re off today too I hope you enjoy the rest of your 3-day weekend!

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