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    Mixed Berry Trifle

    Happy 4th of July! Are you guys (in the US) doing anything fun to celebrate the holiday? I’ve always loved 4th of July because of the fireworks and if you didn’t know fireworks are one of my favorite things ever. Growing up, I was hardly ever home for the 4th of July. My mom had a store and would close for the week of the 4th so my family would always go away on vacation during that week. It was rare that I was home for the holiday, but when I was I loved seeing my town’s fireworks which are pretty spectacular for a town fireworks display. So much so…

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    4th of July in Cape Cod

    After spending Tuesday in Nantucket, my family and I stayed on Cape Cod for the 4th of July. We planned to drive around to some of the other towns, but knew it would be crazy due to the holiday and the little bits we did drive around proved this point so we stayed relatively local. One place I did really want to go to, and luckily we didn’t have any troubles getting there, was the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. Seeing as how I have no immediate plans to head over to Europe to wander the lavender fields I always see and lust over on Instagram, this farm will have to…

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    Let Sparks Fly

    I hope everyone who celebrated the 4th of July had a great time! I spent it in the car heading up to Toronto, Canada. Very patriotic of me, I know. I’m up here for a few days for a wedding so it couldn’t be helped. Side story: when I was growing up, I was often away for July 4th. I think there were just a handful, or less, times that I was actually in my hometown for the holiday. When I was growing up, my mom owned a store and she closed it for a week every year during July 4th so that’s when we would go on our summer…

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    4th of July Nails

    Happy 4th of July to all my readers who celebrate! I am actually in Canada visiting family for the long weekend, but am showing some patriotic pride through my nails and my blue top that I’m wearing today (a post featuring what I wore throughout my trip coming soon). After looking at different July 4th inspired nail art online, I decided to do one that looked the easiest to do. Here is what I did and please keep in mind that I am not a good nail artist! I definitely need more practice because my hands aren’t that steady. I did the best I could and of course my left…