4th of July Nails

Happy 4th of July to all my readers who celebrate! I am actually in Canada visiting family for the long weekend, but am showing some patriotic pride through my nails and my blue top that I’m wearing today (a post featuring what I wore throughout my trip coming soon).

After looking at different July 4th inspired nail art online, I decided to do one that looked the easiest to do. Here is what I did and please keep in mind that I am not a good nail artist! I definitely need more practice because my hands aren’t that steady. I did the best I could and of course my left hand looks better than my right since I’m right handed therefore I only took pictures of my left hand πŸ™‚

IMG_5917Β I used OPI “Red”, OPI “Alpine Snow” and China Glaze “Frost Bite” for the colors and Revlon’s Extra Life No Chip Top Coat. I also used a nail brush that I bought from Essentials for $2 and a toothpick.

IMG_5918Β I suggest painting your ring finger the other color first before doing the other nails. I’m glad I did because I can’t even tell you how many times I almost painted my ring finger blue until I saw the white there. Once I start painting it’s like I’m on autopilot so it was a good idea to paint that one ahead of time.

IMG_5919Β After my nail polish dried I used the toothpick to make polkadots on the blue nails.

IMG_5923Β The red stripes were the hardest. It was so hard for me to draw a straight line! At first I didn’t have enough nail polish on the brush so the lines were dragging at first.

photo (1)Β All in all I think I did a decent job for my first try!

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