• Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour


    Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour

    One of my favorite beauty YouTubers is Emily from Beauty Broadcast and for over a year she’s been raving about the Laura Geller Baked Color & Contour Face Palette so a few months ago I finally snagged one on sale on QVC’s website. I’ve been meaning to write about this product for a while, but didn’t for some reason or another, so when I took it out to wear last week I thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I love how sleek and sturdy this compact is. I love how simple it looks yet it’s still so sophisticated looking. The compact is made up of three sections. Half of the compact is…

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    Rediscovered: Dreamsicle Blush

    I spoke about Laura Geller’s Dreamsicle Blush back in my August Favorites post and I wanted to dedicate a post to this rediscovered product. Dreamsicle is a beautiful baked blush that’s a bright, bubblegum pink with yellow swirls. It looks bright in the pan, but it gives a beautiful light pink glow to the cheeks. You don’t need to be afraid of the brightness, because the color is light so you’d actually have to work hard to overdo it! This blush came in a set I bought a few years back so I’m not sure if this particular blush is available on its own. I’ve only tried a few Laura Gellar…